New Super Mario Bros Wii Modding Wiki

UPDATE: MULTIPLAYER NOW WORKS! DOWNLOAD THE PATCH AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST! Hey all! Well, I finally finished my first first mini hack of nsmb wii with the help of a few other users! Credit list: The newer team for letting me use the world 5 cannon placment in sumsun. joietyfull64 for the NSMBU tilesets I used. SuperYoshi99 for the smw tileset which I adjusted. supermariobros123 for helping hugely with music! And me for creating all the levels and the logo. Now unfortunetly, I lack a capture device that operates properly and so the closest thing I could get to proof is a low res screen of the title screen, if anyone is willing to do a playthrough or nab some shots, that'd help a lot! anyway, onto the fun stuff!


Traverse through 13 new levels as you stop the evil king bowser and his deadly invasion from taking over the mushroom kingdom, sugar star forest and dear ol' Yoshi's island... Take on the koopa kids and bowser himself in even more difficult battles than before! And lastly, dont forget to save your power ups because toad houses are something you wont see many of in this adventure! oh...and wasn't there something on the top floor of the castle?

So lastly, here it is:

hope you all have fun playing! im open to constructive ctisism but please dont just bash it with no good reasoning, thats just rude. Please report any bugs and I'll try my best to correct them! Happy goomba stompin'!